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Homemade Natural Dish Soap

Have you ever considered making your own homemade natural dish soap? Yes, it’s easy to buy natural dish soap from most grocery stores these days but I may be able to convince you that you’re better off making your own Marseille’s Remedy dish soap.

Make Your Own Homemade Natural Dish Soap

If you aren’t convinced that buying natural dish soap is a good idea, let me take a moment to educate you about the ingredients in your favorite soap.
The Environmental Working Group has an in-depth and comprehensive site dedicated to outing companies about what’s inside your favorite products. Brands are rated from A – F so you can quickly see how what you buy ranks as far as being kind to the environment as well as being safe for you and your family.

Something I noticed right away while perusing the list of dish soaps is how many “natural” brands have a D or F rating. Whole Foods, Method, Seventh Generation, and Simple Green all rank with a D or F. The full list can be found by following this link to the Environmental Working Group.

So whether or not you pay $2 per bottle or $10 and whether or not the name on the bottle sounds healthy you really can’t be too careful about your cleaning products.

Homemade Essential Oil Dish Soap—Simple Quality

If you have a bottle of Marseille’s Remedy Oil Blend on hand, you’ll be able to easily make your own dish soap when you need it and you’ll be able to tailor it to your needs. For example, for everyday dishwashing, you can use between 30 – 45 drops of essential oil per cup of liquid Castile soap. But for extra heavy-duty cleaning, such as cleaning out the compost bucket, simply add more drops of essential oil.

The soap you make has the properties of Marseille’s Remedy oil, which combines lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and cinnamon bark essential oils to create a clean-smelling, effective blend that has been used for centuries.

Ways to Use Your Dish Soap

All year round, by simply varying the potency of your recipe, you can use your dish soap in so many ways:

  • Hand washing dishes (of course)
  • Cleaning out the compost bucket
  • Sanitizing counters before and after cooking
  • Washing hands
  • Washing sandy/dirty feet after playing outside
  • Stain remover (combine with hydrogen peroxide to boost effectiveness)

Let us know what you use your “dish” soap for — I know we’ve just scratched the surface.

Marseille’s Remedy Dish Soap Recipe:

Time: 7 minutes
Amount: 1 liter

The basic idea is to simply add between 30 – 60 drops of your Marseille’s Remedy oil to one cup (250 ml) liquid soap. However, depending on your requirements, you can tweak this recipe a bit to make it your own:


  • 250 ml base liquid soap:
    • Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap – classic
    • Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds – a non-soap but environmentally friendly alternative
    • Any unscented liquid soap
  • 30 – 60 drops Marseille’s Remedy oil
  • 15 ml thickener:
    • Washing soda – this is sodium carbonate and needs to be used with caution. It can be an eye irritant and can irritate the skin as well. Here is the entire MSDS. It’s a common ingredient in laundry detergent and in the small amount you may use to thicken and boost the cleaning power of your dish soap, it should be barely noticeable. But while adding it to your soap and storing this, please use caution.
    • Finely grated Ivory (or other basic) soap.


Combine the liquid soap, essential oils, and thickener in a large pot on the stove. Add 3 cups (750 ml) very hot water to the mixture and stir (whisk) until combined.

Let the dish soap cool and you are ready to use your newly handmade sanitizing dish soap.
Congratulations and enjoy it.

Ready to Start Making Your Own Cleaning Products?

You can find most of the things you need to make your own household cleaning products at your local grocery store. If you can’t find them locally, they’re readily available online.
And, of course, you can order a long-lasting 30 ml bottle of Marseille’s Remedy oil from us online or shop local and buy from your favorite retailer.

What have you used your Marseille’s Remedy for lately? Share your secrets — let us know what works for you in the comments below.

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