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Homemade Marseille’s Remedy Oil Blend Hair Detangler | Lice Guard

With back-to-school time comes early bedtimes, a return to routines, and, yes…sometimes lice. It happens to everyone at least once, so being prepared isn’t a bad idea. Our natural DIY hair detangler smells great, is easy to make and can help to prevent lice infestations.

DIY Hair Detangler | Lice Guard with Marseille’s Remedy Oil

No one likes to think about lice, but it’s a good idea to know the facts:

  • Lice can only live on the human scalp
  • Lice can only survive for 2 days away from the human scalp
  • Old school treatment “lindane” has now been discontinued because of neurotoxicity
  • Treatments including pyrethrins, permethrin and lindane are now resistant to head lice.

In fact, using insecticides on children is probably something we should avoid if possible. Luckily, with a little forethought, you can have a hair detangler on hand that will prevent lice before they strike.

Detangle and Prevent Lice

A great article in Mother Nature News lists lots of reasons to go with a natural treatment for lice, including both combing and using essential oils. Marseille’s Remedy oil is a proven combination of essential oils that will both kill lice as well as prevent them from trying to make their home on your (or your child’s) scalp.

Marseille’s Remedy Oil Hair Detangler — Great Smell, Simply Effective

Hopefully, you already have a bottle of Marseille’s Remedy Oil on hand. If not, you’ll want to grab your bottle at your favorite local retailer or buy one online. With that start, you can quickly and easily combine it with your favorite conditioner to make a great smelling and effective detangler and lice deterrent.

With the antibacterial and antifungal properties of Marseille’s Remedy oil, a fragrant combination of lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and cinnamon bark essential oils you’ll have a clean-smelling, effective blend that has a centuries-old reputation for keeping families well.

Marseille’s Remedy Hair Detangler Recipe:

Time: 3 minutes
Amount: ½ cup

You’ll need a spray bottle, some water, your favorite conditioner, and Marseilles Remedy Oil. All you’re going to do is combine these ingredients and spray on freshly washed, wet hair. Easy:

  • 1 Tbsp hair conditioner
  • 10 drops Marseille’s Remedy oil
  • 100 ml of water


Combine the water, conditioner, and 10 drops Marseilles Remedy Oil in a spray bottle and shake gently.

Ready to Start Making Your Own Products?

You can find most of the things you need to make your own household cleaning products at your local grocery store. If you can’t find them locally, they’re readily available online.

And, of course, you can order a long-lasting 30 ml bottle of Marseille’s Remedy oil from us online or shop local and buy from your favorite retailer.

What have you used your Marseille’s Remedy for lately? Share your secrets — let us know what works for you in the comments below.

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